Cleaning elements-2

Kegelwischer, Reinigung von Innenkegeln an Maschinenspindeln und Werkzeugaufnahmen
Hohlschaftkegel zur Reinigung von Außenflächen an HSK-Werkzeugaufnahmen, mit Handgriff oder Handschale

Cleaning elements

NETZSAVE offers the following cleaning elements as rotary wipers for cleaning tool adapters and sleeves on machine tools, tool setting machines and balancing stations:

  • Taper cleaner / taper wiper for female tapers
  • Cylinder cleaner / wiper for cylindrical tool adapters
  • Cylindrical, diametrically adjustable functions cleaner for cleaning precision bores in workpieces and machine elements
  • Taper cleaner with external wiper for male tapers
  • Male / female combi-cleaner for tools and adapters

There are various  sizes, forms and versions available in the product range. We can develop and implement custom-made versions for you.

We would be happy to assist in the development of new tool adapters with regard to professional cleaning elements.

Product characteristics / Advantages

Body made from polystyrene (PS)

  • More dimensionally stable than wood enabling high precision in use Environmental influences such as temperature and humidity fluctuations have no effect on the dimensional accuracy
  • Less problematic than hard PVC
    Many manufacturers prohibit PVC in their production, as hazardous gases are produced in the event of fire

Cleaning strips made of fleece

  • Higher absorbency
  • No abrasive particles
    Lint free
  • More dimensionally stable than leather
    Leather is an organic material and therefore not homogeneous in composition and durability. Leather stretches - it works constantly and can detach itself from the body sooner
  • Fleece can be washed
    Grease an oil residues can be washed out of the fleece using a cleaning agent. The body and the adhesive bond are not affected during cleaning. We recommend "Motorex Opal 5000"
  • Wide spaces
    Fleece-interspaces for the retention of dirt particles
  • Polygon grip
    For easier handling during large wiping tasks. Ergonomic and slip-resistant

Form-fit connection

  • Grooved fleece strips resist high lateral forces
  • Resistant to commercially available emulsions