Non-slip mats

Kunststoff-Netzschutzmatte mit Rutschhemmung für Transport und Lagerung
Kunststoff-Netzschutzmatte mit Rutschhemmung für Transport und Lagerung

Non-slip mats

The non-slip mats provide effective and economically sensible protection for sensitive surfaces through flexible separators and reliable buffers that permit air circulation. For machine components and other products whose surfaces require protection when stacked. Used during manufacturing, by in-house logistics, storage and as transport/final packaging.

Additional uses for normal protective mats: Effective slip resistance for ideal grip with several layers on pallets, in wire cages and storage bins.


  • Manufacturing between operations and machines
  • Parts cleaning / industrial washing processes
  • In-house logistics / intra-company transport
  • Storage
  • Final packaging
  • Packaging for transport
  • Layering on pallets
  • Layering in wire cages
  • Layering in storage boxes
  • Layering in cleaning containers / industrial washing cages
  • Layering in storage elements (drawers)
  • Storage of various materials
  • Workpieces with treated surfaces
  • Workpieces with irregular geometries

Suitable for steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, glass, plastic, wood and cardboard and combinations thereof.

Product advantages

  • Product and position remain visible through the mesh
  • Soft, extremely gentle to workpieces
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to many types of grease, oil, acid, solvent and moisture
  • Can be precisely cut
  • For space-saving, simple and secure storage
  • No wetting impairing properties
  • Multiple re-usability
  • Absorbs impacts
  • Distributes pressure
  • Air circulation
  • Recyclable or residue-free combustion

"Sandwich" combination

When combined with the “Extra Strong” protective mats, interlayers are achieved that are rigid enough not to form waves by irregular workpiece arrangements and yet remain soft enough to protect with optimum hold.