Protective net caps V2

Netz-Instrumentenschutzkappe für den Spitzen- und Gewindeschutz
Netzschutzkappen als Spitzen- und Gewindeschutz von Osteosynthese-Nägel und anderen hochwertigen Teilen

Protective net caps

The point and thread protection from NETZSAVE is suitable for use by storage or sterilisation of high quality parts, as an protective instrument cap for osteosynthesis nails and as primary packaging. The protective caps have a rounded opening to ease slipping on and a double wall version that ensures highest protection and elasticity. The rounded closed end prevents scratches or damage to the points of the products and ensures stability.

The total length is 80 mm, the effective internal length is 70 mm and there are two versions of the point protection available.

  • Highly elastic and tear-proof, adapts to the product geometry
  • Light and thin but highly effective
  • Reusable due to good restoring effect
  • Resistant to many types of grease, oil, acid or solvents
  • Easy to slip on, easy to remove
  • Secure hold, no additional fastening required

Protective net cap versions

The net protective caps are available from stock and in individual quantities. They can be used during manufacturing, by in-house logistics, storage and as transport/final packaging.
Customised sizes are also available on request.

NETZSAVE offers different types of protective net fingers for optimal protection for your products, these differ to suit different product sizes:

Protective net caps, orange

With an ID of 10 mm for product diameters of 4 to 10 mm.

Protective net caps, blue

With an ID of 15 mm for product diameters of10 to 15 mm.

wdt_ID Article-No. Inner Diameter Overall Length Color Product Diameter
8 737020 10 mm 80 mm orange 4-10 mm
9 737030 15 mm 80 mm blue 10-15 mm